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Introducing JaneDo.

Strong & Independent Women

March 8th 2019 – International Women’s day
Today we celebrate women’s achievements, from political to social. What a beautiful day to honor one of our great examples: BeyoncĂ©. She is not only an extremely talented performer who writes powerful songs, but she’s also a kick-ass business woman. We celebrate her and all the heroes and heroines that build a gender-balanced world!

BeyoncĂ© – End of Time

March 13th 2019 – Women’s history month
We take some extra time to commemorate the achievements of women throughout history, and to appreciate the work being done today. These achievements remain downplayed in many fields, unfortunately also in the music industry. Let’s celebrate singer-songwriter Carol King & singer, songwriter, activist, actress, and pianist Aretha Franklin. Here’s to recognition and representation of women in the music industry!

Carol King for Aretha Franklin – Natural Woman